COLOR FORECAST: spring/summer 2014

TheUltraBright SS2014 color forecast

SOUP magazine 4 | Egill Bjarki

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One word that defines the spring/summer 2014 season is HARMONY. As the future isn’t exactly playing out as we were hoping it to, technology is proving to be more dissatisfying than satisfying and the constant return to nature isn’t delivering that blissful of a moment, the consumer needs to learn how to live in complete harmony. Harmony found in the high-tech and natural, feminine and masculine, vintage and modern, opinionated and unbiased, man-made and artificial. Harmony that reflects the need to connect and simultaneously disconnect, to change their opinion and stand for their believes when needed. This immediate need to find the right balance is affecting our perception and demand for color. We are in constant state of navigating between nature-inspired and technology-driven colors. The color palette of the upcoming summer season is rooted in the natural and the artificial, in the familiar and the unknown. There is no longer need to choose one or the other – the shape of things to come is defined by flexibility and acceptance, by complete harmony with all that is being offered.



TheUltraBright SS2014 color forecast

unknown | WILDER magazine

We start the spring/summer 2014 forecast with one of the most basic yet inspiring colors – green. The color has become as important as blue and for the future season it will continue to inspire with shades that balance between the natural and the artificial. As we are moving away from neon shades, we focus on more mature and nature-kissed bright lime and yellow colors.



TheUltraBright SS2014 color forecast

Stephen Shore | Capricious magazine, issue NO.13

The color of the sky and ocean is going to continue to make an impact but this time the attention is on dustier, petrol-inspired shades. As deep as the ocean, a mix of Royal and Navy blue will be the primary dark of the season. Replacing black, this color combines well with all of the other fun, bright shades of the season.

TheUltraBright SS2014 color forecast

Huang Qingjun + Ma Hongjie | Stephen Shore

The power of the neutral shades can not be denied and for the spring/summer 2014 season we are once again focusing on tinted neutrals. The attention for the season is on green and blue-kissed tones – colors inspired by the elements of nature.



TheUltraBright SS2014 color forecast

TheUltraBright photo | Capricious magazine, issue NO.13

Army or surplus green will once again make a statement for the summer 2014 season. The color, which has now been equated to a classic, a staple or a neutral, is slowly evolving into a truer green shade. Intensified lemonade yellow will balance the surplus shades.



TheUltraBright SS2014 color forecast

TheUltrabright photo |

The unexpected colors of the desert are inspring this neutral color direction. Dusty shades of beige, brown and grey serve as the basis for future playful and colorful explorations.



TheUltraBright SS2014 color forecast

SOUP magazine 4 | Capricious magazine, issue NO.13

One of the yummiest color stories of the season – Caramel Lust, reflects our newfound interest in all things unusual. Something as commonplace as redheads is inspiring us to look at what’s around us with new eyes. The natural and the man-made have a completely new relationship – one that is hard to identify the origins of.



TheUltraBright SS2014 color forecast

LOVE magazine, Issue 9 | Wim Wenders

Shades os tomato and crimson are as intriguing as ever. The color of love and lust is driving our desire to be alive, to be bold and to experience life with all it has to offer. Red, in its purest of tones, is continuing to intrigue us.



TheUltraBright SS2014 color forecast

unknown | Egill Bjarki

Purple is here to stay. Despite the fact that the pure, expected shades of purple are no longer relevant, we are still going to feel inspired by deeper, even in the summer, and more sensual tones of the color. A bluish purple is another confirmation of the ability of the consumer to identify with colors that are neither here nor there.



TheUltraBright SS2014 color forecast | Capricious magazine, issue NO.13

The last couple of seasons saw us fall in love with pink once again. The color of the young is no longer frowned upon and is turning into a wonderful addition to the playful palette of the upcoming summer seasons.

TheUltraBright SS2014 color forecast

© TheUltraBright – spring/summer 2014 original color palette


* Colors are based on PANTONE’s Fashion+Home system – please check the actual swatches for accurate color matching.