The colors of Turkey

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During a recent trip to the country of the Ottoman Empire, we found ourselves in one of world’s most inspiring and exciting places to experience color, textures and the beauty of the everyday. From the richness of color found in the fruits and veggies, to the piles of oriental spices and all of the forgotten objects surrounding the Turks, color inspiration is at any corner of this abundant and inspiring country. TheUltraBright found color inspiration in the markets, the food and textile stands, the kilims and fabrics


Turkey offers an endless inspiration of new and old motives that happily co-exist and inspire with unique colors, color combinations and textural ideas. Deep, ultramarine blues are found in door knobs, old and new tile designs and in hand-made rugs, textiles and kilims. This land that spans between Europe and Asia nurtures deep understanding and appreciation of all things natural. The colors of the food, the natural rug dies and henna for the hair are reflected in a array of natural colors explored in a modern and unique way.

Istanbul’s Spice Market presents infinite color inspiration. Dried tomatoes and peppers hang from every stand turning from red to orange and yellow while the city’s numerous second-hand stores always offer a plethora of textures and colors.

The color of aged wood, sun-kissed walnuts and vintage trinkets suggest we rethink brown and all the possibilities it offers. Nature offers depth and richness of the color often times unachievable in modern product.

The countryside of Turkey is characterized by aging streets and buildings. Hundreds of years of history are plastered in layers of colors – rich blues and greens bleached in the sun. We look to the overused plastics and the clean, primary shades that they offer.

As with every culture, Turkey inspired us with people’s unique personal take on the colors they wear and choose to put together. The unexpected combinations inspire new and unbiased take on these shades.