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Miaz Brothers, Sarah Schönfeld

Color story: blurred reality

Jun, 2014 inspiration |

Studying the visual code that inundates our daily existence gives one the ability to better understand our desires, needs and priorities. When studying all the visuals that have so comfortably become the very expression of our times we see the emergence and establishment of key movements and messages. One such message, blurred reality, emerges as the very key expression of our understanding of images that are being created around us, thus influencing our expectations of things to come. Blurred reality influences our understanding of color and surface ideals and drives a new sentiment for romantic, barely-there expressions – ideals that conceal yet reveal us and the world surrounding us. …read more

TheUltraBright TUBstudio AW2014/15 Color Runway Analysis Key Colors

Alberta Ferretti, Creatures of Comfort, Joseph

AW2014/15: Global Runway Key Colors

May, 2014 analysis |

Neutral grey, dusty pastels and deep, nature-inspired shades are among the most interesting and inspiring colors seen during the four main runway weeks: New York, London, Milan and Paris. Below is an outline of the most directional colors emerging from the shows. …read more

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Viviane Sassen, unknown

Color inspiration: Deep Earth

inspiration | Feb, 2014

The natural, almost nostalgic shades coming straight from the Earth inspire with their deep, sophisticated and familiar color shades. Shades of burgundy and berry-kissed browns are softened by barely-there light accent colors; dusty pink accentuates the worn off-white colors of the blooming summer.

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Photo by, Alex Webb

Color inspiration: digital and analogue

inspiration | Jan, 2014

Our relationship with the digital world is being redefined daily resulting in this ever-growing affair with high-definition images, bright colors and unexpected textures. We now associate muted, light colors with the past, with the analogue and bright, unreal colors with the digital. This notion, however, is being challenged daily and we are intrigued by analogue work looking digital through the use of bright, hyper-real colors and digital visuals presented as such.

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Color inspiration: black + neon

inspiration | Jan, 2014

Texture and color create a sense and visualization of extreme contrast – the juxapostion of soft and hard, planned and spontaneous, natural and man-made … black and neon green color combination emphasize this contrast and create a beautiful color scheme. Transparency updates the neon shades with a soft, romantic feel.

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W magazine, Viviane Sassen

Color inspiration: accent color

inspiration | Jan, 2014

Our perception of color is changing dramatically, so is the use of accent color. We are intrigued by subtle, not always bright, accents that we see being adopted in work by prominent artists and photographers. The work of Viviane Sasses accentuated skin tones, shadows, everyday life with a touch of unexpected color.

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Color inspiration: re-imagined nature

inspiration | Nov, 2013

We are always inspired and intrigued by nature but recently, we have been looking at nature from a different angle – we have been re-imaging nature to fit our ever-evolving sensory expectations and approach. The result is a playful and fluid take on nature.

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