Military Green Envy

It's almost October and it's still so warm and sunny in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

We're going back to Germany in November so it looks like we are just going to skip Autumn and move straight to Winter. I got these super cool flared and split trousers from Depop and I've been wanting to put them on when it gets a little cooler but honestly this has been the longest summer of my life, I'm not complaining but it just doesn't feel right, it's just too good to be true. Autumn and winter fashion is all about layering, what I love about autumn/fall style is that you can re-create many looks from your wardrobe by layering without having to wear a big coat to cover up. Of course it all depends on where you are and how cold it gets in winter, when I lived in Norway it was just too cold and I had to give up and let practicality take over. Either way, the time for wearing sun-soaked favorites like my bardot top is over!

This is my favourite autumn/fall look so far.

Photo Sep 26, 15 56 47.jpg

I'm wearing them with my favourite choker and a military green (AKA army green) dress that I got on sale from Banana Republic.


Hair, makeup and style by Wéko Tsai

Location: Redwood City, US

Photos by Nate Barker