Ruffles and Flares

There's something magical about flares, they dominated 70's fashion, they create this unique silhouette, elongate the legs and they scream statement, which is something a pair of skinny jeans can never achieve. Flares and skinny jeans are like night and day, the former makes the outfit and the latter compliments the outfit. These split and flared trousers are the bomb, they aren't the most practical if you are under 5'9 and not a big fan of wearing heels all day but if you want to dress up these certainly do the trick. Before summer ends (if it ever does in California) I want to make sure I got around to wearing this blue H&M asymmetric ruffle top. I'm a fan of asymmetric clothing like my tribal ethnic pattern top. I like something unexpected and different and this top just looks so good with my flared trousers.


Hair, makeup and style by Wéko Tsai

Location: Redwood City, US

Photos by Nate Barker