Little Miss Sunshine

Have you seen the film 'Miss Little Sunshine'? This bus is literally identical to the one in the movie and I absolutely love how vibrant and bold it is! I don't normally wear yellow but ever since I got these yellow sunglasses from a friend I've totally expanded my colour palette. I call it my happy colour, there's something about this mustard yellow that instantly puts you in a good mood. Today I'm wearing a vintage floral top that I transformed from a maxi dress a couple of years ago. Upcycling is the way to go, and it's so easy to give your tired looking wardrobe a new makeover!

Twinning with the curtain here

Twinning with the curtain here

I bought it in Edinburgh 6-7 summers ago when I was obsessed with maxi dresses. Once the fads fade I decided to give it a makeover and turn it into a cute bandeau top to make it more versatile. The fabric is just so soft and comfortable and the pattern so colourful and retrospective I would hate to waste it. I've transformed a lot of old clothes in the past, mostly from long dresses to tops because I just have too many dresses that I don't wear anymore, the tribal pattern top being one of them. If you don't have a sewing machine at home you can always shorten the hem with iron on hemming tape. I wouldn't experiment on expensive clothes though. 

Photo Sep 11, 17 17 42.jpg

It's still super hot here in San Carlos, I'm not sure if I'm ready to switch to autumn colours/clothes yet...

Photo Sep 10, 15 07 28.jpg

Hair, makeup and style by Wéko Tsai

Location: Redwood City, US

Photos by Nate Barker