Take A Bow... or two!

Not a big fan of bows? Think again! 

I got this double bow top from Topshop when I was back in Scotland. It only cost me £10 on sale but it's just so unique and cool, I love it so much I even wore it in my music video (too bad it was too cold in Scotland I had to wear a jacket on top of it) I've been trying to find an opportunity to wear this top in California and today is probably one of the last hot days here in the Bay Area and I just have to seize this opportunity. I love this top as a flouncy alternative to my other striped summer look, my favorite striped crop top.

Photo Sep 11, 14 56 10.jpg

I'm wearing this top with my black skinny jeans, my Zara baby blue bag and my new yellow sunglasses (which were given by a friend who just randomly found them in his car - proving that boys can be more useful than just taking cute photos!). I love these jeans and should probably do a whole post on different ways to work with them. Even though the clean black lines and small rips give them an urban chic vibe, they pair effortlessly with daintier, bow-laden tops or spunky bohemian jackets (particularly when they come with a vintage flat cap).


We found this industrial area in San Carlos with so many pastel colour buildings. Who says you can only wear pastel colours in Spring and Summer? Fashion is not about playing by the rules so just have fun ladies!

Photo Sep 11, 15 12 36.jpg
Photo Sep 11, 15 17 18.jpg
Inspired by my little brother @esontpe

Inspired by my little brother @esontpe

Photo Sep 12, 20 51 01.jpg

Hair, makeup and style by Wéko Tsai

Location: San Carlos, US

Photos by Nate Barker