Charity Gold Mine - Karlsruhe

Me and charity shops (AKA Thrift Stores for those across the pond) go way back... For our first year in fashion design our first project was a charity fashion show held in St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church in Edinburgh. The idea was very simple, we found some cool pre-loved items from various charity shops and gave them a runway makeover. I started buying cheap clothes from charity shops to practice sewing. Sometimes if you look hard enough you might find some cool vintage clothes for under a tener (£10). Since moving to Germany, I've found that charity shops in Germany are a lot cheaper than in the UK! Normally a top is around £5 in Britain but in Germany you can get a real decent top for €3.5 and I think people genuinely take care of their clothes and wash them before giving them away for charity - which is greatly appreciated.

Many of clothes you buy on the high street or online are made of polyester or similar synthetic materials nowadays. Those fabrics don't breath as well and aren't very good for people who have sensitive skin so when you’re at a charity shop make sure you spend some time digging for garments that are made with good, natural materials. And remember, because you probably aren’t getting the latest trends from the runway, stick to timeless and basic pieces.

Classy White Blouse

I found this cute little blouse at the biggest charity shop - Kashka in Karlsruhe, Germany. It’s 100% cotton and is in pristine condition. The frills added a retrospective touch. Size 36 is too big for me so I’m wearing it with a high-waisted lace-up vintage skirt that I got from the US. It’s a very simple and effortless look, perfect for a casual Sunday stroll.

Blue Striped Shirt

Here’s my second purchase from the same charity shop - I hope you also love cheap finds cos you’re gonna see a lot of this on TUB.

Everyone needs a striped shirt! A friend of mine wanted me to demonstrate a smart casual look that's perfect for work and a cheeky little glass of wine after a busy day so here’s the perfect outfit for it. I’m wearing it with my DIY ripped jeans here but you can wear black straight-leg trousers for a more professional look. Sometimes a little help from a couple of accessories goes a long way!


Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

Photos by Nate Barker