Wéko's Design Lab - Tartan Scarf

Proudly introducing my Wéko Tartan!! In Scotland we wear tartan skirts to school, rain or shine, even in the snow (aye we're crazy). Every school has a different tartan and our school tartan is Lindsey. I loved our school uniform, I even wore it to perform on a Taiwanese TV show. Oh and I absolutely LOVE seeing men in kilts, anyway I can go on and on about it how kilts transform Scottish men. Every family has their own tartan but being a Tsai I clearly wasn't descended from one of the clans so I decided to design my own tartan and give it a modern twist. I wanted to design a piece to symbolise the two cultures I grew up in. My grandmother is of Taiwanese Aboriginal descent and their traditional clothing is known for its bright and vibrant colours. So here it is, when East meets West, voila!


Hair, makeup and style by Wéko

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Photos by Phil Wang

Wéko tartan is also available on tote bags, drawstring bags, mugs and cushion covers. Click the 'SHOP NOW' button to browse the full collection. Hope you like my design :)