B&W Kimono Cardigan

We can't live without cardigans in the UK. I used to have a big collection of winter cardigans but tragically had to give away most of them when I left Scotland. Kimonos are like cardigans for summer, they are soft, light, and they add a feminine touch to your look. They are versatile and fun - you can wear them over your everyday t-shirt and jeans or a cute LBD. This River Island kimono cardigan is my absolute favourite. I love the crochet patches and contrast black piping. This is one of my favourite looks of all time, it's urban, stylish, glamorous and unique. It really screams my personality and you've gotta love the feeling when you put on an outfit and it gives you an instant confidence boost. I believe every woman should develop a look that truly represents who you are, a look that speaks for you before you even open your mouth and makes you feel beautiful and empowered (go girl power!).

I love wearing it with my ripped jeans and silver espadrilles or gold strappy heels. I normally wear dainty jewellery with this outfit so it's not too overwhelming. If I want to dress up a little I would wear a maxi black dress under the Kimono Cardigan for a more glamorous look. I'll demonstrate a glam-up kimono look soon so if you haven't already, make sure you subscribe ;) 


We live in a world when a lot of people too quick to pass judgement, they judge you on how you dress, what you do and how you speak. As a fashion graduate I went through phases when I absolutely hated the fashion industry and the negativity that associates with it. It took me years to really work on building my confidence and my own style. Most people think fashion is skin deep and unfortunately it can be if you don't look beyond the facade. 

River Island Kimono Cardigan | Liquor N Poker Super Ripped Jeans | Enzo Angiolini Silver Espadrilles

River Island Kimono Cardigan | Liquor N Poker Super Ripped Jeans | Enzo Angiolini Silver Espadrilles

Hair, makeup and style by Wéko Tsai

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Photos by Phil Wang