Mama Tsai's Wardrobe

I always steal a couple of items from my mum's wardrobe before I hit the road, just to keep her close to me when I'm away. Mama Tsai's style is impeccable and she's the most amazing mum in the whole world!! This beautiful vintage crepe silk kimono is one of my favorite steals. I love the cherry blossom pattern, the colours are so vibrant (you know how I love vibrance) and being an artist myself I really appreciate the details.

What I love about vintage garments is that the quality completely surpasses cheap, mass produced garments these days. Floral patterns can be tricky, if you look close enough when you shop you can see how some patterns are distorted and very badly printed. I'm not a fan of expensive clothes so I'm dedicated to finding decent quality garments that won't break the bank. This kimono top was purchased almost 20 years ago and it still looks stunning today, that just shows how good quality and design really go a long way. Unlike some of my other staple Kimonos, it can also be worn inside out but I'll save it for a different outfit so make sure you subscribe!

matchy matchy!

matchy matchy!

Hair, makeup and style by Wéko Tsai

Location: Strasbourg, France

Photos by Nate Barker