Wéko's Design Lab - Gingham Ruffle Top

I absolutely love wearing my own design on stage, it's quite an incredible feeling to presents 2 of my biggest passions together, it's really rewarding. I designed this top for my Taipei concert back in June and I'm really really happy with how it turned out. I found this shiny gingham fabric by chance at Di-Hua textile market in Taipei. (I'll do a post on this when I go back to Taiwan next year, you have my words!) I used to love fabric shopping in London but it was so expensive, we had to take a £100 train ride down to London Town just to buy fabrics, one day I'll share my epic fabric shopping story in Estonia with you guys, so remember to subscribe :) They only had 2 yards left and I didn't think I had enough fabric to make 2 layers of ruffles but my local seamstress was a genius and she did such an amazing job. Did I make my own clothes? Sometimes, depends on the complexity, I'm not great at pattern cutting and don't have the patience to become amazing at sewing, which is why I stick with music and design. I did make the belt though, after all I still am a classically trained fashion designer.

Back in fashion school we were made to draw 100-200 sketches a day for days and we would pick only 6-7 for our final collection. One of my most memorable train rides from Edinburgh to London was when I drew intensively for 3 hours with 3 drunk guys sitting next to me and eventually I gave them my sketch pad to let them design an outfit each. Too bad I don't have their drawing anymore, it was hilarious. And THANK GOD I'm not a student anymore and no one's grading my sketches. We use to draw detailed technical drawings for the pattern cutter. I'll upload some of my previous work to give you a little insider's guide to fashion designers in training. 

Here's my original sketch

Here's my original sketch

Here's the final illustration

Here's the final illustration


That's me sharing my typhoon story with my fans (hence the serious face) if you don't know my typhoon story you're certainly new (remember to subscribe) long story short - last year I got blown away by typhoon and hit a cab in Taiwan... I'm still very traumatised but literally everyone (my own mum included) thinks it's hilarious. 



LOCATION: Taipei & Guam