On our second day in Paris we're still recovering from the jet lag. We've been to most major museums here so today we want to find a random attraction that neither of us have been to. We ended up going to the Museum of National Archives (Le Musée des Archives National). I'd recommend vistors check the opening hours before going there cos we got there way too early (it opens in the afternoon on weekends). At €3 you get to see the national archives and the beautiful chamber of Hercule Mériadec, Prince of Soubise. We visited the famous Schönbrunn palace in Vienna last year but it was extremely crowded and expensive. This Museum certainly does not disappoint though- the garden on the right of the main building is a unique and lovely addition too!

Photo Nov 04, 01 52 17.jpg

I'm opting for a minimalist look with my oversize Guess biker jacket, black Paige jeans, black studded boots by H&M, and Rebecca Minkoff studded handbag. I can never be a minimalist though - I still like a mixture of minimalism and a touch of extravagance.

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Just showing of my new vintage camel poncho that I got from Citizen near the museum ;)


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Location: Paris, France

Photos by @neightrageous