Bonjour Paris!

Oh Paris... it's been so long! Last time I visited this wonderful city was with my parents back in 2012. This is my third visit and Nate thought it would be super fun to make a quick stop here before heading back to Germany. He's the best! 

It's a little chilly this morning, when I packed my bags in July I certainly didn't pack enough winter gear.I'm determined to find some amazing deals during my three day stay in Paris. Today I'm wearing a vintage sequin top and a cashmere beige turtleneck that I got from Depop, complete with a black Guess biker jacket (originally around $200), black Paige jeans (originally $295), both were found at a Crossroads Trading shop in California for under $30 per item. We are staying near Gare de L'est and we had been up since 4am because of the jet lag so we decided to head out around 7am and start exploring. It's a great way to enjoy the city before the shops are open. It's as placid and quiet as a pond in a Monet painting. Gloomy days in Paris have their own charm- we walked from Gare de L'est to the Louvre and managed to beat the crowd and score some iconic shots with the pyramid sans interloping tourists in the background.


I absolutely adore the sequins embroidery on this jumper! It's so retrospective and unique- the design is very 1920s with a touch of flamboyance and Art Nouveau. The body certainly shows signs of wear and tear, rendering it quite rough on the skin, so I'm wearing a cashmere turtleneck underneath.


Instagram @wekotsai

Location: Paris, France

Photos by @neightrageous