Go Rouge

Five months of summer have finally come to an end and this must have been the longest summer of my life. We've been working so hard for the past 3 weeks so we decided to do all the touristic stuff and visit some of the the famous spots in our last couple of days in LA. Knowing that we probably won't see the sun for next few months I decided to put on my red beret, vintage red jacket and 'go Rouge' today. If you like museums make sure you check out LACMA: my favourite gallery/museum in LA will always be the Getty Centre but LACMA has a much wider collection of art and is a lot easier to get to.


I got this vintage red wool jacket on Depop, it's super bold and bright, the material is on the thinner side so I probably won't have a chance to wear it again till next Spring or it'll be buried under my winter coat. I'm wearing it over a plain white t-shirt and a PVC skirt from Topshop. Also how amazing are these ASKA boots? I got them from one of the Crossroad Trading in LA, they were originally $350 and I got them for $35. I couldn't believe my luck, I also scored a pair of Rag & Bone jeans and Paige jeans for under $30 each, basically 90% off the RRP, I was totally winning that day! I really like the concept of Crossroads Trading, anyone can pop in and sell their old clothes-  I tried Depop for a while but the downside of splitting my time across the pond is that I never stay in one place long enough to sell things online, which is why I was so pleased to have found a place like Crossroads Trading. I wonder if they will open a branch in the UK or Europe-  it's such a good idea. 


If you are in the US and want to sell your clothes at one of their locations here are some tips:

1. Bring your ID!! I don't know why they check your ID but they won't buy anything from you if you can't provide an ID. 

2. They only buy seasonally, and mostly contemporary items at that. So, don't bring a bunch of winter clothes in the middle of summer.

3. Depending on the shops, sometimes you have to register on an iPad and they will call your name when your turn comes up.

4. Don't expect to make a lot of money as you only get 33% of the clothe's value. It might seen like a lot but trust me it's not. 

Happy trading!

Instagram @wekotsai

Location: LACMA, USA

Photos by @neightrageous