The Walls of LA

Three weeks have gone by and it's time to leave the home of sunshine and palm trees and return to Europe for winter. (un)Fortunately I’ve already had my first taste of winter during my 48 hour stay in Seattle. I still can’t believe it’s already November! We started our journey in July and have travelled to 4 countries across 2 continents. On our very last free day here we thought it’d be a good idea to hit downtown Los Angeles and cover some of the most instagrammable walls. Along the way we discovered cool graffiti/murals and (Nate's favourite...) hipster coffee shops. 


We’ve accomplished so much in the last two months in California, three shows and two music videos. After two days in the desert shooting the video, twelve hours of walking and dancing in heels under the scorching sun, and 6 blisters later, my feet are absolutely killing me! So, today I'm dressing down in my fabulous boyfriend grommet jeans by Mink Pink, paired with a peach long sleeved top by Topshop. No - makeup hence the sunglasses and my messy bed hair tied in a ponytail cos GOD I am so exhausted.


1. The Angel Wings

Address: St. Regis Wine & Liquor, 8401 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles


The Global Angel Wings Project was created in 2012 by Colette Miller to remind humanity that we are the Angels of this Earth, there are so many wings across the world from Kenya to Australia and this one is located right across the famous cupcake store Magnolia in DTLA. 

Tips: If you are petite like me make sure you stand closer to the kerb so the wings sit in the right place instead of spreading our from your ears. 


2. Retna Wall

Address: West Hollywood Library, 625 N. San Vicente Boulevard, West Hollywood


Painted by the contemporary artist RETNA , it's located right across the road from the Angel Wings.


3. The Silver Lake Heart Stairs

Address: 3324 Sunset Boulevard, SILVER LAKE


There was a big queue by the stairs when we arrived in Silver Lake so we had lunch at Alfred Coffee across the road, I enjoyed my premium tea and avocado toast but god it was so expensive and they didn't even have a bathroom. Nate was surprised by a celebrity sighting of one of his favourite comedians, Patton Oswalt (don't worry - I had to look him up too, but he played the rat in "Ratatouille!") By the time we were done the crowd had disappeared so we could take our sweet time without being pushed around. I'd recommend wearing some pastel colours for this sweet spot!


4. The Octopus

Address: La Playita Siete Mares, Silver Lake


This giant octopus painted on the wall at the parking lot of La Playita Siete Mares might not be a famous piece but being a painter myself I really appreciate the details. Also Nate loves octopodes so naturally we made a quick stop to snap some pictures. 


5. The Piano Stairs

Address: 3229 W. Sunset Blvd, Silver Lake


These stairs are located diagonally across from the colourful Silver Lake heart stairs. Maybe people just don't find black and white as interesting, as there was nobody here -  quite a contrast from the big queue right across the street.


6. The Donuts

Address: 601 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles


We spotted this wall on our way home, it's just so cute so we thought we'd include it in our collection of instagrammable walls. 

Instagram @wekotsai

Location: Silver Lake, LA

Photos by @neightrageous



More on my grommet jeans...

I want to write more about my Mink Pink jeans cos I’ve had quite a few Depop disasters (don't worry you'll read all about it). I also want to share my experience so you (yes you!) won’t repeat my mistakes. I bought them on impulse knowing they were too big for me so I only had myself to blame. As I consider myself a very smart shopper most of the time, I can’t remember the last time I paid full price for anything, but alas I’m only human. When I finally received them I was so disappointed cos they were so baggy and the crotch hung so low only MC Hammer could pull them off. I know just how much work it’ll require to make them fit me. They were originally $110 on Revolve and I got them for just under $60 on Depop (including postage.) I know it'll cost me a fortune to alter them so it took me a while to find a skilled seamstress who charges fairly. I was super lucky to have found Nahid in Tarzana. These jeans were originally straight leg on a size 28 but what’s missing in my wardrobe is a pair of boyfriend jeans and it was way cheaper to only alter the crotch, I think I’ve made the right decision cos every time I wear them I always get so many compliments. I adore the grommet details, but keep these for warm months because it does get a little chilly with that many holes!