Aztec Print Halter

I can't get over how amazing it is to have a swimming pool in your backyard. It's a shame the water is just way too cold but I love hanging around and have my cuppa tea by the pool. Aside from the traffic LA is super awesome! Today I'm wearing my Aztec print halter top with black and white striped midi skirt that I got from ASOS years ago when I was still a student. Textiles plays a very important role in the fashion industry and the history of different cultures from every corner of the world. I've written about African tribal patterns and Scottish tartans, so you can guess that I'm fascinated by the vibrance of the colours and the geometric designs of all types of prints.

Photo Oct 17, 12 56 07.jpg

Aztec print and clothing originated in Mexico by the Aztec people in the 14th-16th Century. I love it when the fashion industry incorporates different cultures and histories - those prints were created hundreds of years ago but they aren't forgotten. Instead they were transformed and given a new identity, they were reborn and the legacy will live on just like our beloved tartans. This top is just perfect for summer holidays, I want to wear it while we're still in SoCal, after 5 months of summer I think I'm ready to embrace the cold. 


Hair, makeup and style by Wéko Tsai

Location: Woodland Hills LA, US

Photos by Nate Barker